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BMK-12W Stud Welding System

The PH-3N is the standard gun for the BMK-12W Stud Welder


The BMK-12W stud welder is very user friendly. Weld parameters are set using a membrane keyboard and display.  Microprocessor control and programmability assures consistent weld sequences. This machine automatically controls inert shielding gas delivery to the weld zone. The 800 amp power source can weld fasteners up to 3/8" diameter. This system features the ability to adjust the pre-arc time to weld to dirty or oily surfaces. The amount of shielding gas that flows prior to welding is also adjustable. The unit has advanced safety features to protect the operator. The lift and pre-arc functions can be tested without welding current. The system can be fitted with a module to support automatic or semi automatic stud feeding. The system can also be controlled via a CNC interface.


 Weld Range:  #6 - 3/8" (M3-M12) with Steel, Stainless steel, and Brass. Aluminum, depending on base material
 Welding Process:  Drawn Arc, Short-Cycle Drawn Arc, with ceramic ferrules or inert shielding gas. 
 Standard Gun:  PH-3N w/ gas foot
 Welding Current:  800 Amp
 Welding Time:  1 - 1,000 ms
 Duty Cycle:  Up to 30 studs/minute, depending on stud diameter 
 Mains supply:  3 phase 400 VAC (other voltage upon request) 
 Dimensions:  14 x 10 x 18 (w x h x d)
 Weight:  95 lbs

Special Features

  • Drawn arc with ceramic ferrule or short-cycle with or without protective gas.
  • Easy operator control via membrane keyboard and electronic display for all necessary parameter inputs.
  • Optional module for semi-automatic and fully automatic stud feeding.  
  • Automatic control of shielding gas. 
  • Lift function test without weld current for easy set up of the lift function. 
  • Gas and pre-weld current tests without weld current present for easy set up and testing. 
  • Pre-weld current time, gas pre-flow time, are adjustable. 
  • Easy to understand LED display shows all control signals and operational states.
  • Design includes compliance with latest safety and accident prevention regulations.  
  • Integrated self protection devices to prevent damage in case of excess temperature or too many welding sequences. 
  • Compact housing is easy to carry, perfect for mobile operation.